4 Tools To Help You Sell On Social Media

4 Tools To Help You Sell On Social Media

You may often hear that social media is one of the most effective marketing campaign platforms today. Not only that but social media can also be used as an online sales medium or e-commerce. Some of you may be interested in selling products through social media but don’t know how to integrate the social media you use with your online business, or you may have used social media to sell or promote products, but didn’t get significant traffic. Here are some very useful tools to help you sell through social media

1. Olapic
Olapic is a tool that can help you sell products and organize your marketing campaign activities. Olapic’s Tapshop feature turns your Instagram feed into an e-commerce storefront that connects your individual Instagram posts to the pages where you sell your products. You can even link 1 photo you post on Instagram to multiple products. Not only that, Olapic’s Content Scheduler feature allows you to organize and schedule your Instagram posts to maximize reach and customer engagement.

2. Shopial
With Shopial, you can expand your online store by using storefronts on Facebook and Pinterest. Shopial takes products from your online store and features them on your Facebook page and/or Pinterest board. You simply install the Shopial application for Facebook into a new tab on your Facebook page, and Shopial will enter the products you sell into the Facebook store that you can customize to your taste. Shopial is also available for Pinterest and displays your products as optimized Pins, turning your Pinterest account into a catalog. Shopial has been integrated with various e-commerce platforms, making it possible to be accessed by most online sellers.

3. Beetailers
Beetailer is a tool for those of you who already have an e-commerce website, and want to do cross-selling on social media. It is highly recommended to increase sales. Beetailer allows online sellers to import their stores into Facebook. After the store migration process, you no longer need to take care of other things such as installation, configuration, or maintenance. Products will be updated automatically based on your e-commerce website inventory data.

4. inSelly
You must be familiar with the hashtag on Instagram. Hashtags on Instagram not only serve to categorize and search for similar posts. inSelly can combine listings on Instagram using hashtags so that they can be searched by anyone around the world.

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