5 Custom Jewelry Trends That Millennials Are Interested In

5 Custom Jewelry Trends That Millennials Are Interested In

Until now, jewelry has become a complementary accessory that is loved by women, especially custom jewelry. The beauty and sparkle of customized jewelry also give the impression of luxury, which can make the wearer more elegant and classy. Custom jewelry also has its own trends and is always changing. Millennials will certainly be more up-to-date to provide trending jewelry. For them, jewelry is also used as an investment item. But these millennials are still following trends when it comes to buying jewelry. Here’s a review of the custom jeweler dallas.

1. Pendants and Chain Necklaces
Until now, millennials are still in demand for the chain pendant and necklace trend. The shape of the chain is not too big and the pendant is small, giving it a luxurious feel.

2. Beads and Stone Jewelry
Pearls or pearl jewelry are now popular with millennials as well. In addition, stone jewelry with ethnic prints is also very popular. By using these jewels, they can be combined with casual and formal clothes.

3. Colors
Gold and white jewelry are timeless. But in recent years, jewelry in rose gold color is also in demand by many people. Having a unique color, of course, will make you look even cooler.

4. Diamond
Diamonds are jewelry that is loved by many people even though they are quite expensive. Local jewelry brand Custom Jeweler Dallas presents a collection of diamond jewelry specializing in internationally certified unit stones. The certificate is considered the world standard for valuing a diamond. Thus diamonds can also be an investment.

5. Simple but Elegant
Currently, many customers choose to customize the jewelry they are going to buy. They choose a simple design using the letter initials. They enjoy using this design to love themselves more. This type of design can be customized in the form of a necklace or bracelet.

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