Are You Familiar With These Types Of Artificial Grass?

Are You Familiar With These Types Of Artificial Grass?

Now the use of synthetic grass is increasingly popular and is increasingly favored. Apart from its beautiful appearance, synthetic or fake grass does not require complicated maintenance like real grass. No need to worry about forgetting to water your grass or having to cut it regularly.

Then, as an example, you can see that artificial golf turf is used for indoor golf courses or mini-golf. Grass height usually reaches 10 mm. This synthetic golf grass is superior to natural golf grass because it has a softer and smoother surface texture.

This type of grass also has high durability, which lasts up to 9-11 years for indoor use and 7-8 years for outdoor use.

Not only have to be used for golf courses, but the use of golf synthetic grass can now also be used for decoration purposes. You can use it to beautify the garden landscape, green corners in the house, to decorate your office.

Then, there’s also the Japanese type. The main function of Japanese synthetic grass is for decoration purposes. It reaches 20 mm in height and can be used in homes, office buildings, public spaces, and so on. From its appearance, Japanese synthetic grass is very similar to real Japanese grass. This synthetic grass is even available in dead colors too, you know.

Same with synthetic grass in general, this grass can also last a long time. For indoor use, grass can last for 11-12 years while for outdoor use it can last 10-11 years.

This grass is very suitable for use for garden decoration to give it a more natural impression like using real grass. The material for this grass is monofilament to produce a look similar to real grass.

Then, there’s also the Switzerland type. If you want to know what kind of grass is used on the futsal and soccer fields, then this is the answer. Switzerland synthetic grass is a substitute for real grass for sports fields, but it can also be used to decorate your home garden. This grass has a height of 30 mm with a soft texture and is resistant to trampling. That is why this grass is most ideal for use on soccer fields.

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