Are You Looking For Great Meat Alternatives?

Are You Looking For Great Meat Alternatives?

Are you looking to start switching to a more plant-based diet but not sure what other healthy high protein options are out there? Tempeh is a great meat substitute that makes a nutritious addition to any diet, vegetarian or not, and can easily be swapped out of almost any recipe as a seitan gluten-free alternative. It has an origin from South-East Asia. Whole soybeans are soaked, removed, and partially cooked before going through a naturally controlled, cultured fermentation process which then binds the soybeans to form a cake. This tempeh cake is usually cut into slices or cubes before use. The fermentation process of tempeh and the use of soy as a whole provides a higher protein content of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, if you don’t like tempeh, you can go to and find yourself a lot of meat alternatives.

If you compare seitan vs tempeh grams to grams, tempeh is slightly higher in calories and protein. It’s also lower in sodium and offers a variety of nutrients including manganese, copper, phosphorus, riboflavin, and magnesium.

Natto is another nutritious option to squeeze out extra protein. It is made by soaking whole soybeans, steaming or boiling them, and then adding Bacillus subtilis bacteria to the mixture and letting it ferment over time. Natto has an aroma (like cheese) and a (very sticky) texture that may be difficult for some people to use, but once you get used to natto’s uniqueness, it can be an excellent source of protein in your next meal.

Traditionally in Japan, natto is eaten for breakfast with rice, miso soup, and fish. The most common and the easiest trick to put natto into your menu is by putting it on the rice dishes after they’ve been cooked. Salads and noodles work fine as well. Natto not only adds vegan-approved protein to your diet, but it also brings a very unique taste and many important nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin B6.

Tempeh and natto are fermented foods, meaning they contain healthy probiotics that help support your gut health. Your gut microbiome plays a large role in health and disease, and probiotics have been linked to a broad list of benefits such as increased immunity, cancer prevention, and better digestive health.

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