Are You Thinking About Dog Food Before You Try Adopting A Dog?

Are You Thinking About Dog Food Before You Try Adopting A Dog?

Dog food is the most important requirement related to the health and development of pet dogs. Some aspects must be considered when raising a dog. First, the nutritional needs. Nutrients are important to support the health and development of dogs. The characteristics of a healthy dog ​​are active and agile, good appetite, clean teeth, clean hair (fur) aka free of fleas and fungus, and shiny. In addition, it can be seen from their physiological status such as body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, all are normal. Other than that, if you happen to adopt a dog that prefers gravy food, we recommend you buy a dog food gravy topper.

Don’t forget the dog’s posture and weight, and the cleanliness of invisible body parts such as teeth and mouth, or ears. Dirty ears can be a problem. Even in extreme conditions, some dogs experience changes in behavior such as eating their feces or coprophagia. Usually due to stress or nutrition from the food is not complete. So these foods greatly affect the growth and health of dogs.

Moderate food will not kill the dog, but it will reduce the quality of life. Dogs are not happy either. In general, the criteria for good dog food are the same for all types of dogs.

The main needs of dog food are protein, fat, carbohydrates, certain vitamins, and minerals. Protein is used for muscle growth. Fats and carbohydrates are important for energy. Good dog food also contains vitamins and minerals. Drinking water must always be provided and it must be clean water.

To check the protein content in animal food, if there is more protein, usually the ingredients list in the meat source package is mentioned first, meaning the composition is bigger.

In addition to protein, good dog food should contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus which are essential for the growth of strong bones. Dogs are more active than cats, so they need healthy bones and joints.

You can also test if your dog’s food contains dyes. The trick, simply by dampening it in water. Wait 5 minutes. If the color of the water does not change, it means that it does not contain artificial coloring. Artificial coloring is not good because it is difficult for pets to digest.

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