Artificial Intelligence Type

Artificial Intelligence Type

Artificial intelligence is not only used by big companies in making their products/services. Even the use of artificial intelligence for everyday has been widely used. You also can’t miss learning about artificial intelligence. Let’s discuss the types of artificial intelligence. Find out more on computer vision datasets.

1. Reactive Machines
The first type is Reactive Machines. This type of artificial intelligence is the most basic type of several types / types of artificial intelligence. This type of machine only reacts based on current or predetermined conditions (data) so that decision making is not based on previous data. If you think about it, you must have used this type of machine, for example, movie recommendations, spam filters, chess-playing supercomputers and so on.

2. Limited Memory
This type of intelligence is able to store previous data within a certain period of time. Unlike Reactive Machines, these machines are able to learn from previous events by analyzing the actions or data given to these machines. Examples are virtual assistants, chatbots, self-driving cars, and others.

3. Theory of Mind
This type is still in the stage of innovation or development. Machines with this type will interact with human behavior and emotions. In other words, artificial intelligence machines are required to be able to understand how humans, animals and other machines feel. After successfully understanding these feelings, this machine is required to be able to use that information to make decisions that reflect itself.

4. Self-aware
Once the Theory of Mind can be realized in artificial intelligence, sometime in the far future, the final step to becoming a perfect AI is to have self-awareness. In this type of artificial intelligence, machines already have the same level of consciousness as humans. In addition to understanding the emotional state of humans, he has also begun to have his own emotions and understand his existence in this world.

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