Aside From Metal Gardening Tools, Other Gardening Tools Need To Be Maintained As Well

Aside From Metal Gardening Tools, Other Gardening Tools Need To Be Maintained As Well

Gardening tools must be taken care of properly by their owners. This is necessary so they can be used for a long time. Aside from protecting the metal tools from rust, you also need to know that other types of gardening tools must be maintained too. It’s not just your shovels and scissors that must be taken care of. Other types of gardening tools must be maintained too so they won’t break too easily. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you need a high-quality lawn rake, perhaps you need to read Nicolas Wayne’s article.

Aside from the tools that are made of metal, the handles on garden tools, which are mostly made of wood, also need maintenance before being stored in the warehouse. Sand and coat the surface with linseed oil. This is to keep the wooden handle dry, not damp, and not moldy.

For other garden tools that are not made of metal, such as gloves, rags, and sacks, simply wash them thoroughly with soap and water, then dry them completely. Place in a plastic container or box. Why plastic box? Plastic boxes are relatively more resistant to damp conditions, mildew resistant, mildew resistant, and resistant to termites. So the equipment stored in it is relatively safer.

Then, pay attention to the fuel tank of gardening equipment that has an engine. Some gardening equipment is driven by a machine, such as a lawnmower. Some of these machines are battery-driven, but not infrequently some are powered by fuels such as oil, diesel, or gasoline. After use, sometimes we forget that in the engine there is still fuel left. Even though the amount of this fuel is not much, it has the potential to cause fire and unwanted hazards, especially if the tool will be stored for a long time. So, always try to empty the fuel on the motorized garden tools before storing them. You can store the fuel in a safe place, then reuse it at a later time when the tool will be used.

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