Beginners Must Try These Fishing Techniques

Beginners Must Try These Fishing Techniques

If you want to fish grouper, snapper, or other sea fish, then the casting technique is the right technique. This type of fishing uses artificial bait or lure to get fish. The lure itself can be a clone of fish, insects, or other marine animals. The trick is to throw the lure at the target using the fishing rod and reel. The moment of throwing and rolling the lure is the essence of this technique, so there are also those who apply this technique only with their bare hands or handling. In addition, if you want to feel a more convenient fishing experience, we suggest you buy the best fishing pole starter kit.

There is no standard for how many times the throw, even it must be done continuously until the fish is found. Therefore, this technique is often categorized as sport fishing or fishing while exercising.

Then, do you want to fish, but don’t want to be in the middle of the sea? So the surfcasting technique is the solution because this technique can be done on the sea or beach. This technique is almost similar to the casting technique, but this technique is done with a longer rod about 350-450 cm.

The basic technique is the same as casting, which is throwing the bait as far as possible, but in the surfcasting, the bait that is thrown will be left to land like fishing on the ground. Therefore, fishing with this technique also requires ballast tin so that the bait does not move here and there.

The difference between casting and surf casting also lies in the bait used. If casting uses artificial bait, in bait casting surfaces used are not artificial baits, but small fish, sea worms, shrimp, or shellfish that are commonly found along the coast.

The best time for fishing using this technique is when the tide rises because that’s when the fish swim near the beach to find food.

Furthermore, Jigging is believed to be a fishing technique that has been around for thousands of years. At that time the fishermen tried to fish using bait made from lead or other metals which were then thrown into the water and then quickly pulled up.

Usually, fishing techniques like this are used for fishing in coral reef areas with a depth of 50-100 meters.

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