Benefits You Get After Keeping Cats

Benefits You Get After Keeping Cats

Cats can be the right choice to be kept at home. These domestic animals are known to be adorable and can be friends to relieve loneliness. Keeping a cat doesn’t always have to cost a lot, you just need to take good care of it and occasionally clean the cage as well as the body. Having a cat can reduce a person’s stress level. Ultimately, this would correlate to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by about 30 percent, such as heart disease and stroke. Some studies from the UK say that women who keep cats prefer to sleep with their pet cats than with their partners. Having a cat can improve sleep quality. Research from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine revealed that 41 people found it easier to sleep well with their pets. As a form of your love for your cat, then you should have dust free cat litter as one of the best cat litter that you can get on our official website.

Although it is said that dogs can be true friends because they have high loyalty, cats also have that loyalty. Cats can also be real friends at home. Not only that, a study in Austria in 2003 found, keeping a cat at home increases emotional feelings that bind such as friendship. According to a 2010 survey by the University of Bristol in the UK, someone who owns a cat is more intelligent and gets a college degree, compared to someone who keeps other animals. Why is that? Because cats tend to need less attention than dogs. This is what makes cat owners smarter.

Who would have thought, when we experience stress at home, playing with cats can be one way that we can do to relieve stress. Stroking and petting your cat will have a positive calming effect. With this affection, cats can reduce stress levels and reduce anxiety. Therefore, people who keep cats have a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack than people who don’t own cats.a

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