Calm Babies With A Baby Rocker

Calm Babies With A Baby Rocker

In the first days of your little one’s birth, you must be so busy taking care of the baby that you hardly have time for yourself. Especially if your baby is the type of baby who likes to be rocked or carried to sleep, then you may have more trouble. Therefore, some parents decide to buy a rocker for baby. Baby rockers are generally used to put babies down. In addition, this tool also has several other functions. Although it is claimed to be safe, some say that using this tool is at risk of causing injury to the baby. So are baby rockers safe for babies? What age can babies wear it?

A baby rocker is a type of baby equipment in the form of a light chair for a baby seat whose position can be adjusted and can be swung around. The baby rocker is designed to ease parents task of caring for the baby. Just put the baby on the rocker, then attach the safety, finally swing it slowly. That way, the baby will feel comfortable even though he is not in a sling. Even if the baby starts to whine later, they will still be safe and always within your reach. The baby rocker is designed for babies who can’t sit up yet. So, this tool can be used from when the baby is born until the baby is 6 months old. Instead, do not use this tool as the baby’s main bed. In addition, when the baby is in the rocker, you still have to keep an eye on them.

Some studies say baby rockers make babies calmer. This tool is also useful for making babies sleep fast. This is due to the effect of the slow rocking motion on the rocker, making it appear as if the baby is being carried. Entering the age of 3 months, babies generally become more active and begin to like observing objects around them. Well, in this period you can start playing with toys or musical features that are on the baby rocker. It also aims to stimulate the baby’s eyes and motor development.

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