Check out 4 interesting facts about telephone numbers

Check out 4 interesting facts about telephone numbers

The phone that you have today is the forerunner of the invention of the telephone created by Antonio Meucci, where it was patented by Alexander Graham Bell. Through these devices, you can communicate with other people. However, don’t forget Almon Brown Strowger who discovered the concept of a rotary dial or called directly to the destination number. In the beginning, contacting someone must be connected to the operator first. Well, thanks to the findings of Strowger who perfected the telephone, we can now have each telephone number. The concept of telephone numbers is long before Almon Strowger discovered the rotary dial concept, it turned out that the concept of using a telephone number had been thought of first by Bell’s friend, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker. For installation of business telephone numbers for you, please contact 10minute phone number.

In 1879, Parker, who lived in Lowell, Massachusetts, had the same thought to use the telephone more easily without having to go through an operator. At that time, the city of Lowell was being hit by an outbreak of measles. Parker was worried if the operator in charge of connecting the telephone was sick. It would be difficult for a replacement operator to remember the caller’s name. For that, Parker suggested that operators remember phone numbers rather than callers’ names. The concept began in 1879.

In fact, in May 2006, the number 666 6666 was auctioned for charity, and it sold 10 million Qatari. But before that, the 8888 8888 Chinese number had already set a record as the most expensive telephone number, namely US $ 270 thousand. In the United States (US), until the 1950s, area codes were not common in telephone numbers. AT & T also proposed The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) in 1947 to make out-of-town calls easier, which was finally approved in 1951. At that time, the area code was based on population numbers. That is, the greater the population in an area, the easier the code given to make a call (rotary dial). Emergency numbers are usually popular with number 911. But in fact, not all countries impose the same emergency number. For example, in the US, 911 is their standard emergency number. Unlike Europe, which uses number 112, while England uses number 999.

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