Common Mistakes In Whiteboard Animation Videos

Common Mistakes In Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation video is one of the most widely used media to market a product or service. One reason is that production costs tend to be lower than other types of video marketing. Video whiteboard is an animated video style like depicting something on a whiteboard. Usually, this whiteboard animation video is made with third-person narration. But others use storytelling through pictures or explain how to use something. Therefore, whiteboard videos that contain tutorials are also called animated explainer videos. One study showed that 60% of internet users prefer viewing visual content such as infographics and videos. Besides, a video can increase viewer retention by up to 15%. 65% of video viewers tend to share the video. Imagine what that means for your business especially when you use easy sketch pro 3.0!

You can use whiteboard animated videos for a variety of reasons, such as selling ideas, introducing your product or service. You can even use it to teach your customers how to use an application or software. The possibilities are endless. By using a video whiteboard you have a way to combine images and words in an entertaining and engaging format to describe your business or product. Animated whiteboard videos can also make complex messages simpler, making them interesting, fun, and entertaining. Even boring topics can be presented attractively. Common mistakes in making whiteboard animation videos.

Making this video is quite easy. But unfortunately, there are still many who make mistakes that can affect the ultimate goal of making these videos, namely as a marketing medium. Video whiteboards are synonymous with the presence of hands that seem to describe something on the blackboard. The presence of this hand animation not only makes your video look more fluid but also gives the audience a personal touch. Like when writing on the blackboard, you certainly don’t need to be bothered with the idea of changing the background of your blackboard right. Apart from not being by the conventional whiteboard concept, using a background colour other than white makes the graphics in the video not stand out. As a result, the message conveyed in your whiteboard animated video will not be optimal.

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