Easy Tips for Photographing Newborns at Home

Easy Tips for Photographing Newborns at Home

Not only the face, hands, and feet are all tiny, the movements of a newborn baby are very adorable. No wonder many parents want to capture the early days of their baby’s birth as perfectly as possible. So do you, right? To capture this special newborn baby moment that will not be repeated, many parents hire a professional photographer to do a photo session. However, it seems that this is quite risky to do in a pandemic condition like now, you. But don’t worry, you can still do a photoshoot with the results like the services of https://www.anniekinserphotography.com/ yourself at home.

Perfect Day for Photoshoot

The first thing you have to remember is to determine the right shooting day for the newborn baby. Ideally, a newborn photoshoot is done when the newborn baby is between 5-14 days old. Why? The main reason, on the 5th to 14th day of a newborn baby is born, usually the umbilical cord is loose and the baby is stable enough to suckle. Newborn babies also usually spend a lot of time sleeping so you can be more flexible in managing your baby to do various poses.

Find Photo Reference
Don’t let the D-day you don’t have a photo concept and get confused, okay? Try it, collect various photo ideas that you can get on Instagram or Pinterest. There are lots of simple but cool photos that you can apply for newborn baby photoshoots.

Set up Photo Properties
After looking for the right photo ideas, of course the next step is to prepare some properties that can support the concept and aesthetics of the photo. No need for your complicated property, baby blankets, baskets, to semi-circular breastfeeding pillows covered by cloth can be a buffer for newborn babies as well as cool properties for photo shoots. Also provide cute accessories as a sweetener and to indicate the gender of the newborn baby. Most importantly, make sure all properties are safe for newborn babies.

Take as many photos as possible
Sometimes the baby’s position changes when being photographed, and not infrequently you miss a moment or facial expression that is actually funny and adorable. Well, to avoid that, set the photo capture mode to continuous shoots, and make sure your camera or smartphone memory is sufficient to accommodate the photos.

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