Find Fun Activities While At Home, Try Magic Practice Using These 4 Tricks

Find Fun Activities While At Home, Try Magic Practice Using These 4 Tricks

Magic is a performing art that most people in the world are interested in because its presentation can make the audience stunned, even make them curious and want to try it at home. If you’re looking for a gold coast magician show, there are plenty of videos you can find on the internet.

There are some simple magic tricks that you can practice at home so that it becomes one of your skills. Magic is also suitable for you who want to fill your free time like now, where we are all at home because of the Covid-19 virus. So what magic tricks can you try? Here’s the list.

1. Hand speed trick
One of the most used tricks in the hand speed trick. It’s quite easy to do, but it still requires skill and practice.
The key to this trick is practice and patience until you can practice it skillfully, after that many will want to know-how.

2. Brain games
Magic with brain games? Yes, this trick can be done as if you can read or trick your friends’ minds. One example is the reverse hand trick, where you can tell your friends to place their hands in front of them, and then turn their hands so that the tops of their hands are facing each other, then tell them to straighten their hands.

As a result, they can’t do it. The trick is, to rotate your hands in the same direction, if one is rotated to the right, then the other is also to the right, and vice versa.

3. Optical illusion
Now in this one magic trick, you will trick your friends by taking advantage of the different perspectives of you and your friends. One of the easiest optical illusion tricks is to perform tricks to float objects, such as towels, apples, eggplants, or others. All you need is a fork or toothpick and a strong jaw!

Stick your fork or toothpick into the item you want to float, an apple or other fruit. Then bite the fork with your mouth. Record yourself and hold the apple, and slowly, release the apple, and the apple will appear to be floating without any assistance. Play with your hands as if you were making the apple float on its own.

4. Other Fun Tricks
You can also explore other magic tricks, with attributes such as magic performed by magicians with classic styles. They often wear hats that bring out rabbits or other small animals or flags that never run out and much more.

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