Follow These Steps To Make Your Carpet Long Lasting

Follow These Steps To Make Your Carpet Long Lasting

Carpets are getting more and more fans because of their practicality. Good as a decorative ornament that is effective in building the atmosphere of the interior of the house, as well as a warm seat and bed because of its thick material. On the other hand, because the material is also the carpet is susceptible to dust deposits, pet hair, and even mite that can harm health. Unfortunately, cleaning the carpet properly has not become a daily routine for the majority of users. Owners need to know how to disinfect carpet from dirt, mite, and any kind of chemicals that sometimes stick on the carpets.

It is very possible that due to time constraints while cleaning the carpet it takes more time and effort than mopping the floor. But at least there are several ways to at least maintain the ‘health’ of the carpet for the health of you and your family.

The mat is the first filter element that blocks dirt and pollutants from outside. Simple doormats are also very useful in reducing soil, sand, dust, and dirt that enter the house carried by footwear. Doormats are also easier to clean than carpets.

The placement of the carpet can affect the durability and cleanliness of the carpet. Carpets in locations that are exposed to direct sunlight will deteriorate more quickly and fade in color. Take the time to rotate the carpet periodically so that the parts that are often stepped on and skipped do not wear out faster than others.

A vacuum cleaner helps clean dirt, dust, food crumbs before sinking deep into the carpet fibers, but it doesn’t make the carpet more sterile from germs. Clean up stains and spills immediately on carpets. The more delay in cleaning it, the more difficult it is to remove stains and spills because they have already absorbed into the carpet fibers. Moisture and chemicals from a spilled stain provide a habitat for bacteria to breed.

For more effective cleaning, use a cleaning agent that penetrates deep into the carpet fibers. These cleaning chemicals will lift dirt, grime, and other pollutants onto the carpet, making it easier to clean. Remember, avoid strong smells and are not environmentally friendly.

The last stage after the carpet is cleaned – whether you clean it yourself or by laundry and dry cleaning service – is storage. Especially if you use the carpet only at certain times or have several rugs with different motifs that are used alternately.

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