Fun Detective Films That Make You Smarter

Fun Detective Films That Make You Smarter

Running a solid routine throughout the week, can just make you bored and feel tired. This is very reasonable, considering that the mind and also energy may be drained away during carrying out solid office tasks. Occasionally treat yourself to an unusual atmosphere. Want something different and make you feel a little challenged? You can visit 123 movies to watch this movie.

Do not just enjoy certain genre films that have always been the main choice, occasionally choose a different type of film to make the day unusual. Try to enjoy films that are challenging and make you think when watching them. There are many interesting detective films that can be selected so that boredom and fatigue feel lighter. Check out some fun detective films that can be used like the following options:

1. Angel Heart
The film, starring Robert Deniro, tells the story of the journey of a detective who searches for a famous singer. The search based on the debt problem turned out to not be able to walk easily because, beyond the detective’s allegation, the singer actually lost like being swallowed by the earth. Nobody knew where the singer had gone, even for almost 10 years no one could find his tracks. This case later became the main attraction in the horror genre film, because the search for the singer and a number of other problems seemed to be an unsolved puzzle. You must be wondering, aren’t you, where exactly has the singer disappeared?

2. Memento
Intending to take revenge for his rape and murder of his wife, a man named Leonard Shelby is working hard to pursue the killer. This is certainly not an easy job, because he himself also suffers from short-term memory which makes it difficult to remember many things. However, Shelby seemed to not want to just give up on his shortcomings, in various ways he tried to overcome his memory, even by making notes in the form of tattoos on most of his body. This will certainly be a very interesting film to watch until it runs out, right?

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