Get To Know Air Fryer, Advanced Electric Fryer That Is Healthy

Get To Know Air Fryer, Advanced Electric Fryer That Is Healthy

An air fryer is now one of the must-have cooking utensils for those who are implementing a healthy lifestyle without consuming fried foods. Shaped quite bulky like a robot, this cooker offers the convenience of frying in a healthy manner without using a lot of oil. Now, we can eat fried foods without feeling guilty. How to fry food with an air Fryer?

How the air fryer works
This tool ripens food by using hot air that circulates at high speed. With this speed, the hot air spreads evenly across the surface so that it makes food as if it were being cooked deep-fried like when we were frying fish nuggets. The water contained in food evaporates, so the food produced has a crispy texture.

Air fryer function
Its main function is frying food with little or no oil. Frying food with an air fryer can reduce the unsaturated fat content by up to 80% compared to the usual frying process. The food produced naturally becomes healthier because it is free from various bad effects of oil such as high cholesterol. In addition to frying, there are other functions that we can get from this little robot. We can use the air fryer like an oven by setting the pre-heat at a certain temperature according to the maturity we want and even just to warm the food.

How to cook using an electric fryer is quite simple and easy. However, there are some things that must be considered so that the cooking process becomes more optimal. Following the review.

1. Dry the food before frying
If you want to fry foods like french fries, make sure the potatoes are dry or do not contain much water. Likewise with other foods such as chicken and meat. The more water the food contains, the more difficult it is for the fryer to produce a crisp texture.

2. Preheat it first
Just like the oven, this frying pan needs to be heated before use. The condition of the air frying that has been hot makes the frying process faster with maximum results.

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