Getting to Know More About Hologram Stickers

Getting to Know More About Hologram Stickers

In the digital era, technology is experiencing increasingly sophisticated developments. Including printing one of them. Every year, the printing press releases the latest interesting and unique print product innovations. With the latest innovations, the printing needs of consumers are met. For example, stickers. Currently, stickers are not only in the form of chromo and vinyl, but there are various types of cool stickers that can be ordered at the printing press. One of them is a hologram sticker. It’s a unique sticker type that separates itself from other types of stickers, especially from the aesthetic side.

A hologram sticker is a type of sticker, which can be shiny when it hits the light, be it lights or the sun. In general, holographic stickers are classified by material class. Some are damaged when removed and used again, but some can be reattached to a medium. In addition, the hologram sticker material is classified as having good durability. Not infrequently if this sticker is used to protect the product warranty. Not only strong, but hologram stickers are also able to give an exclusive and waterproof impression.

Holographic paper or stickers are made of high-tech materials. A hologram is formed from the combination of two lights in a microscopic form. The combination of this light can form an image. Interestingly, hologram technology can store information and load 3D objects. Holograms have interesting characteristics. A person in seeing depth and perspective is different from the image in the hologram. Even the image can be reconstructed into two types, namely real and virtual images.

Back to talking about hologram stickers, this sticker turns out to have various functions. These include decorating an object, increasing awareness of the brand or community, product labels, and much more. However, hologram stickers are generally used for product safety in the hands of consumers, preventing plagiarism and counterfeiting of goods, and for warranty stickers and product authentication.

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