Hairstyle According To Face Shape

Hairstyle According To Face Shape

If you use makeup, it might be normal and not very visible. By giving changes to the hair, surely many will easily recognize the changes that make you look fresher. At hair salons Prescott AZ you can get a new look but don’t change your character. There are several face shapes that you will need to know and you can adjust the haircut to suit a particular face shape.

Round Face Shape
Many have commented that choosing a hairstyle for a round face is very difficult compared to other face shapes. Don’t worry if you have a round face, We has several alternatives that you can copy. A round face model can’t be free in choosing their hairstyle, because if it’s wrong it will make their face look even more chubby.

Square Face Shape
For those of you who have a square or square face shape, there are several choices of hairstyles according to your face shape. If you want to choose bangs as your hairstyle choice, go ahead! For a square face shape, you can try a bangs hairstyle by making straight edges with longer sides, avoiding the middle part for your bangs. Hairstyles according to the shape of the face that are suitable for you are wavy, ponytails, and not too many shaggy hairstyles.

Heart Shape
The hallmark of the owner of a heart-shaped face is a pointed chin and a firm jaw. Hairstyles according to the shape of the face that are suitable for owners of heart faces are short haircuts. If you don’t want to cut your hair short, you can cut it with a bob hairstyle but with long hair.

Oval / Oval Face Shape
An oval or oval face shape has many alternatives in shaping hair. Some hairstyles according to your face shape that you can try to include long hair with bangs, short hair with a pixie cut, bob for shoulder length hair, and asymmetrical cuts.

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