Here are 7 Elements of Theatre According to the Order

Here are 7 Elements of Theatre According to the Order

The theatre is supported by the elements that make it up. Like a body, these elements cannot be separated from one another. All of them are interrelated and give an equal contribution in every performance. Aside from that, if you require excellent scripts for your upcoming play, you can get one-act play script on a good theatrical website.

Here are 7 theatre elements according to its order:

1. Story

The story is the main element in the theatre. Stories in the theatre are about human conflicts or conflicts in everyday life. This conflict can be in the form of conflict with oneself, conflict with others, conflict with society, conflict with the natural surroundings or conflict between humans and God. Stories in the theatre are usually written in the form of play scripts or theatre scripts. The manuscript is a guideline in theatre performance, especially modern theatre.

2. Producer

The producer is not a major element in the theatre but is a very important element. The producer is in charge of finance. The producer is in charge of finding and raising funds for rehearsals and theatre performances.

3. Director

The director is a major element in theatre. The director is responsible for rehearsal and theatre performances.

4. Player

Male theatre players are called actors, while female theatre performers are called actresses. The player’s duties are:

Interpret story characters.
Turning the characters in the script into real characters on the stage.

5. Stage

The stage is the venue for a theatre performance. The stage is divided into several areas. The stage area visible to the audience is called the playing space. Meanwhile, the area behind the stage that is not visible from the audience is called the backspace.

There are many forms of the theatre stage. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of stage forms, they are the proscenium stage and the arena stage.

6. Stage workers

Performing workers are a very important element in theatre.

7. Audience

The audience is an important element in theatre because theatre is a form of performing arts that are staged for the audience to see.

The audience who sees theatre performance has various backgrounds. The audience differed in terms of social status, education level, gender, age, and level of appreciation. The audience deserves the best performance.

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