Increase Your Study Concentration With The Following 7 Songs!

Increase Your Study Concentration With The Following 7 Songs!

Hi smart buddies! If you are studying, especially for a long time, you need full concentration. So there are many ways you can do to improve your mood while studying. Moreover, if it’s exam season where your study hours are even longer. Try studying while listening to music. The following will discuss some songs that can be added to your playlist while studying.

  1. One – Depapepe

This Japanese guitarist duo is famous for its distinctive acoustic guitar strings. Besides making it calm, the music makes you concentrate more on absorbing the subject matter.

  1. My Favorite Things – Joey Alexander

Who doesn’t know this little pianist from Indonesia? The piano instrumental will make you enjoy what you are doing. Jazz music genre when you listen to it once, will find serenity and make you enjoy it.

  1. Beethoven – Symphony

Everyone seems to have heard Beethoven’s music. He packages each note into something beautiful. A symphony that will create an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  1. Going Home – Shiro Sagisu

This song is a soundtrack from a Japanese cartoon. His guitar playing will bring you coolness. Shiro Sagisu is a composer who often makes music for film soundtracks in Japan.

  1. Misread – Kings of Convenience

This type of song is easy listening and soft, so it won’t break your concentration.

  1. Stop This Train – John Mayer

This American singer always plays music with his flagship guitar. Its quiet music will let you enjoy music without interrupting your studies.

  1. Atlas – Coldplay

You must know the band from London, who is booming with lots of songs. The music is guaranteed to keep you away from all your fatigue.

So, those were 7 music references that you can add to your playlist and enjoy while studying. Cheers!

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