Knowing More about the Chakras of the Human Body

Knowing More about the Chakras of the Human Body

Chakras Manifestation consist of three parts, namely Major Chakras, Minor Chakras, and Mini Chakras. The total number of chakra points is 365 points, the same as the number of acupuncture points and the same as the number of days in a year. The Crown Chakra is located above the central part of the head containing the will, ideals, plans and also the will of a person. The ratio or intellectual factor is clearly illustrated in the color of the aura, which if the color is not balanced it will make a person too deify the ratio or vice versa.

The Third Eye Chakra or Agna Chakra is located between the eyebrows and the eye. In accordance with its function, this chakra is the center of one’s ideas and imagination. It can also be said, as the center of one’s intuition and ability to find solutions to problems without having to practice them first. If the color of the aura in this chakra is not balanced with the circulation of energy, it will result in a person being very limited in his ideas or vice versa can live in the imagination.

Furthermore, it is also explained, the Neck Chakra is an energy center that is identical to the communication center of one’s personality. Whether a person is a reliable communicator or a highly artistic talent, can be known through the intensity of the aura color in this chakra. The Heart Chakra, which is located around the center of the chest, is the center of powerful energy, because it involves one’s feelings or emotions so that its role is very significant. Unbalanced energy circulation in this chakra is very possible destruction in one’s life. While the Sympathetic Nerve Chakra is around the navel which functions to regulate the energy of human life. Through this chakra, a person can find out how productive he is. An imbalance in this chakra causes people to be overconfident or vice versa.

Chakra Sex is located not far from the sex organs, which literally refers to the sexual activity of a person, who wants to unite with other people. The imbalance in the rotation of this chakra causes a person to feel lonely or wants to be noticed by others and everything that causes false satisfaction.

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