Knowing the Advantages of Using Stickers

Knowing the Advantages of Using Stickers

Stickers are promotional media whose application is affixed to the product as the identity of a brand so that it is easily recognized by the target market and differentiates it from competitors. A good sticker should be easy to remember in terms of shape and graphic visuals. Stickers function as promotional media paste on product packaging and labels. Giving a certain identity to the existing trademark, so that consumers easily recognize and are interested in using it continuously. The advantages of stickers are that they are cheap and have flexibility in their application while the size is not limited, depending on the customer’s wishes and printing capabilities.

Meanwhile, in promotional activities, attractive sticker shapes and images can increase product promotion, event promotion, and other activities. There are lots of sticker shapes that can be made to order, from a simple “box or round” sticker shape, to a sticker shape that can be made with various cut shapes using a pond knife. There are various types of sticker materials commonly used for promotions, namely:

Chromo Sticker “From Squishy Paper”
Materials to be printed in full color, with a fairly cheap price, are commonly used for bottle labels, promotions, Pilkada and election stickers. The price is economical, but this sticker has a weakness because if it is exposed to rain it quickly fades.

Vinyl Sticker “From Plastic Material”
There are stickers that are white and those that are transparent are nice and strong. Can withstand rain and sun longer than chromo. The printing option is screen-printed for writing that does not have a photo or with an offset machine or with digital printing so that it is suitable for election and election stickers.

HVS Stickers
For this type of material, it is very suitable for industrial activities/labels, these stickers can be written, suitable for travel, flights, coded and others.

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