Narrow Living Room? This Is The Secret To Appearing Relief!

Narrow Living Room? This Is The Secret To Appearing Relief!

The living room in your house is cramped? Because of this, you may hesitate every time you buy furniture, such as a standard-sized sofa or even a small table. Even though the narrow space does not have to limit your creativity to make it look attractive. Especially if you have mastered the secret tricks for decorating a narrow space, then you will be more confident in choosing the right furniture to fill the living room at home. Remember, especially the living room is the first room that welcomes guests who come. And make sure that the decorations represent your character and your family. In order not to be boring, a touch of bright pop colors or textural variations can be applied to clocks, greenery, carpets, and pillowcases. Don’t forget to regularly clean your carpet with the best rated carpet cleaner so that the atmosphere of your home looks comfortable.

White is still the favorite wall paint color for some Indonesians. A simple but elegant impression can be represented by this basic color. To produce the illusion of a brighter and wider space, you can fill the room with white furniture. A narrow living room with an asymmetrical shape makes you confused about how to arrange and place furniture one by one in it. Consider the example above which makes use of an angled corner of the room to become an interesting focal point. Place the sofa and table on the opposite side so that your relaxing time can be more complete while enjoying the view from the accent wall. It’s not difficult to give a luxurious touch to a narrow living room, as long as you understand well the size scale of the furniture used. For example, several single sofas can fill space capacity. However, if you choose a sofa bed with your feet low reaching the floor, it can have a different effect.

Apart from the size scale, you also need to give a touch of glamor to the room. For example, gold trim on a flower vase or glass frame, or a table made of solid glass. As a piece of furniture that is large enough, you must carefully choose the right sofa to fill the narrow living room. Adjust to the shape and orientation of the room. For example, for a rectangular and narrow room, choose a minimalist L-shaped sofa.
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