Performing Water Changes Periodically

Performing Water Changes Periodically

A good pond filter usually copes with the moss on the wall pool that can grow. The moss is annoying, it is beneficial for the Koi fish itself. Moss on the edge of the pond can be an alternative natural food for Koi fish. It will take you several days and cannot feed the Koi. For Zeolite cleaning, it must be done outside the pond and filter. Zeolite can be lifted out of the pool and filter to be cleaned, then the Zeolite is soaked with a salt solution. The zeolite that has been soaked is then rinsed and cleaned so that the adhered particles can be removed. You can use the clean zeolite again, or optionally you can dry the zeolite before using it.

Do not mix salt with Zeolite while in the pond! The combination of Zeolite and salt can produce a poison that is harmful to Koi fish. These tips can be applied to those of you who have a mini pool or a small size. Create a fast air circulation to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Then you can increase the top flow to act as a foam breaker on the surface of the pool. Also, pay attention to aeration in the pond and filter to provide adequate oxygen intake for the pond. Oxygen intake in biological filters can help accelerate the growth of decomposing bacteria. Also, dissolved oxygen levels can reduce air temperature. In mini ponds, it is also necessary to change the water with a volume of 10 percent 2-3 times a week. The volume of water that is replaced can increase to 30 percent after being exposed to rainwater in an outdoor pool. It should be noted, avoid giving salt to the Koi pond filtration system using Zeolite

Koi pond filter systems are needed for koi fish keepers. Keeping koi fish is a popular hobby in various parts of the world. These fish are usually kept in ponds. Now, Speaking about koi ponds, there are various types of pool pools from the koi type itself. Several types of koi ponds include deep ponds, shallow ponds, and natural ponds.

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