Preventing Moulds To Grow Inside The House

Preventing Moulds To Grow Inside The House

Approaching the rainy season like now, the carpet care specialists of the house are usually prone to mould. Moulds do like to grow in damp environments and do not have smooth air circulation. And rainwater seepage or leaky pipes risk causing mould to appear on the carpet of the room. Mouldy carpet is certainly unsightly and gives the impression that you don’t care about the cleanliness of the house. Besides, the root of the fungus can also damage the carpet and cause unpleasant odours. Not to mention the smell of moulds which is at risk of causing allergic disorders. So that the mould does not return to attack your carpet, you can try to fix it with the help of carpet cleaning north shore service.

There are things you could try on your own to remove the mould in your house. Make a mould removal solution that is a mixture of carbolic acid and water. If there is no carbolic acid, you can use bleach. The measurement is 3: 1. If you use a bucket, 1/3 of the bucket is used for carbolic acid. Splash the solution on the mouldy area and scrub with an old brush, sponge or cloth until the moulds are gone. Dry the section earlier with a dry cloth. Repair the area of the wall that is affected by water seepage and then use leak-proof paint and anti-fungal wall paint. There are also many home appliance and hardware stores that sell antifungal spray for walls. You can add this spray after the wall is repainted to prevent dampness to the carpet too.

Add a dehumidifier in your room, especially if there is a room with minimal exposure to sunlight, such as the bathroom. Dehumidifiers will help reduce moisture and prevent mould on the walls. Pay attention to the curtains, mats, and fabrics used for other household needs. Make sure everything made from the cloth is not wet or damp too often, as this risks inviting mould to grow.

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