Sending Gifts & Personal Effects To India

Sending Gifts & Personal Effects To India

Delivering a gift continues to be a favourite when wanting to show somebody they are still in your ideas, no matter where they are. On the other hand, as with any international delivery what you could and are not able to send overseas is subject to restrictions. By way of example, you are unable to send perfume via courier as it is combustible and is consequently banned by courier companies.

When sending a gift through cargo from Dubai to India your bundle may be susceptible to gift exemptions, which could lessen the total amount of duty and tax put on your parcel. The gift difference for India is listed at INR 10,000, for both gifts and business samples. Having said that, you are able to only ship 10 samples of the same item per shipment.

In many conditions the person receiving the parcel is accountable for paying any duty or taxes on the shipped items. Having said that, if you’re sending a gift (or any item, for that matter) you are able to get in touch with our customer care team and ask for the charge to be corrected and sent to you, rather.

What Food Can I Send to India?

Foods should be in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

Food packaging should be sealed and never tampered with in any way.

Food label must list all ingredients.

Foods should have a shelf life of more than Six months from the date of shipping.

All foods that have shelf life of lower than Six months will be classed as perishables, and can’t be sent via courier, even when store bought.

Can I Send Electronics to India?

If you’re delivering certain electronics then you’ll need to ensure you have a few additional details on your parcel. One example is mobile phones, that will have their IMEI number clearly shown to clear customs.

For used electronics, such as computers or CRT Televisions, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is needed from the Secretary of state for Environment and Forest. This can be a letter that states the Ministry has no opposition to the import of the relevant item. This really is normally the obligation of the receiver, not the sender.

Can I Send Medicines to India?

As prescription medication is a restricted item you may need a few extra documents to accompany them. To ensure that any parcels containing medicines to clear customs, a No Objection Certificate is needed from the Assistant Drug Controller of India. Additionally, you will have to include the scientific name of the drug on the customs paperwork, not the trade name.

If your medicine is for personal use then you will need to send this form with your parcel. If you are sending it for any other reason, then please consult the medicinal import rules further before sending your package. In majority of cases, you are restricted to just 100 medicinal items, unless you are a retailer.

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