Several Types Of DSLR-Mirrorless Camera Lenses And Their Functions

Several Types Of DSLR-Mirrorless Camera Lenses And Their Functions

Most people get stuck in spending more time considering the camera model than thinking about the type of lens they need. That’s not to say that the type and series of cameras are not important for us to examine, but if we ask fotografo profesional who often do it, most of them will advise you to invest more in lenses than camera models.

Here is a guide to getting to know some types of lenses that can help you achieve the photos you want.

1. Camera kit lens
The kit lens is a term for a lens that becomes a complementary “standard” when we buy a camera. Most of these lenses have a focal length of 18-55mm, which means you can shoot the wide side at 18mm and the telephoto side at 55mm.

These lenses are usually made from materials that are not too expensive, so the price is not too expensive to be sold as a starter kit with a camera body and other equipment such as batteries and straps. These lenses usually have variable apertures, where the aperture will change according to how far the zoom is used.

2. Telephoto Lens
Commonly referred to as Tele lenses. This lens is used by many photographers because of its extraordinary ability to zoom in on objects that are quite far away. Telephoto lenses have various types according to focal length, aperture, and so on. The telephoto lens provides convenience for taking pictures from a distance, especially when distance is required between the camera and the object of the photo.

When someone buys a camera, some want to take clear close-ups of the players on a large field, some want to shoot the full moon, but this will be difficult to achieve using a kit lens which usually only has the longest focal length at 55mm. In this type of situation, a Tele lens will be very useful.

3. Macro lens for photographing small objects
Having their field of photography, Macro lenses can show close-up detail and focus on small objects. Dewdrops, insects, and other miniature objects are the favorite objects of most photographers working in Macro photography.

There are now some cameras and lenses that have a ‘macro’ setting, but a true Macro lens will produce life-size photos very close to the subject. This one lens will be very useful for those of you who want to explore the details of the variety of life in nature.

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