Some Types of Anxiety You Need to Know

Some Types of Anxiety You Need to Know

The following are the signs of mental illness or anxiety disorders and their symptoms:

1. Generalized anxiety disorder
A person who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder can feel worried or excessively anxious continuously about various things, ranging from work, and health, to simple and natural things that happen every day, such as interacting with other people. Anxiety that arises due to generalized anxiety disorder can be felt every day and persists for more than 6 months. As a result, people with this anxiety disorder will find it difficult to carry out daily activities and work. In addition to the emergence of disturbing anxiety, people with a generalized anxiety disorder may also feel tired, tense, nauseated, headaches, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath, and insomnia.

2. Phobia
A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes sufferers to have excessive fear and tend to be irrational about certain objects, animals, or situations. People who have a phobia may experience panic attacks or intense fear when they see something or are in a place that triggers the phobia, such as spiders, blood, being in a crowd, dark places, high places, or enclosed spaces. Therefore, people with phobias will usually make every effort to distance themselves from the thing or situation that they fear.

3. Social anxiety disorder
People with a social anxiety disorder or social phobia have extreme anxiety or fear of social environments or situations when interacting with other people. People with this phobia always feel watched and judged by others and are afraid or excessively embarrassed when in a crowd. These things make the sufferer always try to avoid situations that require him to meet or interact with many people.

Therefore, if you experience prolonged anxiety, you should further consult with a psychiatrist to get the appropriate treatment.

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