Stock Down Take Advantage of Buying Fundamental Shares

Stock Down Take Advantage of Buying Fundamental Shares

Stocks down does not mean bad luck for investors. This can be used as a field for you to buy up stocks whose value is decreasing. Who knows, later on, the value of the stock will gradually increase which will make you profitable. However, do not carelessly choose shares of companies that are cheap because they are not always cheap but have good quality. In this corona pandemic, you need to be smart about choosing cheap stocks that can be cheap. One of them is to buy shares of companies that have strong fundamentals, have a good company background, a stable corporate economy, and so on. The value of shares that have fluctuated, is a reasonable condition considering that stocks are also experiencing development. So it is very important, for every stock investor to instill in yourself patience if you want to monetize and achieve long-term goals. Also, the key in carrying out stock investment is that every investor needs to continuously improve his knowledge of stock investing. You can get this knowledge of stock investing in various media or investment blogs or you can also discuss or ask a lot of questions from friends who already have more experience dealing with stock investing. If necessary, attend any seminars or stock training at

Investing simply by looking at the ups and downs of stock prices on the stock exchange dashboard is very risky. To help you get the best return on your stock investment, the first step in choosing a good stock is to pay attention to market capitalization. For information, market capitalization is the share price multiplied by the total number of shares issued by the issuer and listed on the Stock Exchange. Also, it is necessary to find out the nature of the shares themselves. Good stocks are liquid stocks. Why? This is because the shares are traded with a frequency higher than or above the predetermined minimum frequency limit. It is useless to have a large capitalization value, but it is less liquid. So, look for stocks that have large capitalization and are fairly liquid.

How are the company’s financial reports on the capital market dashboard?

Check the comparison of income in quarterly reports (first quarter to second quarter) and annual reports (the last three years). Pay attention to the latest trends whether growth is volatile or consistent. Or is there a big change (more than 50% in a year) up or down?

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