The Basic Functions Of Baby Monitor

The Basic Functions Of Baby Monitor

Given the busyness of modern parents today, having a baby monitor can be the right solution. Especially now that there are many of the best baby monitors with a variety of sophisticated features you can find at, so parents don’t have to worry anymore about watching their babies all the time. Therefore, we present the best baby monitors complete with prices and reviews. But before that, consider the following important things about baby monitors and how to choose them.

Get to know the various types of baby monitors based on their function. A baby monitor is a device that consists of two devices, a kind of transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is placed near the baby, while the receiver can be carried with you while on the move. Broadly speaking, there are three types of baby monitors on the market based on their function. Among them are audio, audio-video, and baby vital monitors. The following is an explanation of each.

An audio monitor is is a baby monitor with basic functions. The early series products only had a function to monitor babies based on their voices. You can tell when your baby is awake when he’s babbling to himself or crying. The sound will be transmitted through a device that is close to it, then received by the receiver that is on you. Although it does not have additional features, it is quite helpful in baby supervision. In addition, the price is also more affordable.

In its development, baby monitors began to experience changes and updates. The next generation of this tool is not only able to capture the baby’s voice, but also record videos of the state of the nursery, then transmit it to parents’ devices. This tool allows parents to monitor their children, not only by listening to their voices but also occasionally seeing them through the screen on the monitor that they carry. Usually, this type of audio-video monitor has additional useful features.

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