The Pressure Washing Equipment In Trailer Essentials

The Pressure Washing Equipment In Trailer Essentials

When purchasing a new pressure washing under truck, look for absolute minimums. Consider the specifications and features listed below as the minimum, with anything extra being an upgrade to meet your needs better.

Ability to heat water
Hot water is the finest technique to increase cleaning efficiency because time is money in this profession. Hot water also can penetrate the surface and loosen organic matter since it has more heat.

Pump with three plungers
The most muscular direct-drive triplex plunger pumps offer water flow rates of 4.5 GPM at 5,000 PSI. The CAT Pumps model with these specifications has an internal gear reducer and needs a gas engine to produce about 20 HP.

Industrial-duty engine
An industrial engine is required to power the robust triplex plunger pump. The GX690 has a 22 HP output at 3600 rpm and is Honda’s largest compact engine.

Reels for holding a hose
On pressure-cleaning trailers, hose reels typically come in one of four categories:

1. Hand crank: Use your muscle to turn the hose into the rotation.
2. A spring-driven hose instantly reels itself back in once you pull it out and give it a slight tug to activate the spring.
3. Pushing the button will start the electric motor that reels the hose.
4. Combining pivoting with one of the aforementioned retracting techniques: The pivoting hose reel is mounted to an arm and can rotate about 150 degrees.

Tank for fuel
You will require an onboard fuel tank because large commercial engines burn gasoline. In addition, the hot water burner uses kerosene, oil, or diesel similarly. Therefore, any arrangement without substantial fuel tanks will require their addition before usage.

Tank of water
The trailer in the top image includes a 200-gallon water tank that can provide a 4 GPM pump with water for 50 minutes. Any power washing system that is genuinely mobile needs to have a sizable water tank. The cost of water is regarded as a minimum of one hour. Therefore, you need a 480-gallon water tank if your pressure washer has an 8 GPM flow rate.

Consider the following additional water tank factors: Are you using a water tank as your primary supply or as a backup for the mains? You should go as large as possible if this is your primary supply source.

Cleansing tanks
The fastest way to clean is with chemicals instead of hot water. Different detergent tanks will be helpful because various surfaces will call for multiple chemical solutions.

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