The Quality Of Aluminum

The Quality Of Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that is abundant on this earth is very popular. This is indicated by global utilization which continues to increase every year by more than 5%. The properties of aluminum differ in each grade depending on the alloy present which gives each aluminum alloy its own characteristic value. Anodized aluminum has higher corrosion protection than untreated raw material. Besides, aluminum is corrosion resistant in the neutral pH range due to its oxide layer which can coat the layers underneath. Rust is not able to damage aluminum because the oxide layer provides a kind of protective seal. That is why this material is widely used in waterfront construction including

There are many properties of aluminum that are not found in other metals. Not to mention the aluminum alloy which has many variants. The more variants, the more properties that can be obtained. Here are some of the properties of aluminum that are important to know. The density of aluminum is about one-third that of steel. Because of its low density, aluminum is great for applications where a strong, yet lightweight material is required. Some of the uses of aluminum you will find in the manufacture of vehicles and aircraft, where the lightweight nature of aluminum helps save fuel.

Despite being a strong metal, aluminum is flexible and can be easily shaped and reworked into a variety of shapes. There are various processes used to process aluminum into other items of varying shapes. Popular aluminum processing processes used are casting, extrusion, forging, pigmenting, rolling, or drawing as well as pressing. When it comes in direct contact with air, aluminum forms a protective layer. This thin layer binds firmly to the aluminum metal which helps it to resist corrosion. With other surface treatments such as anodizing, the aluminum surface can be further enhanced in refinement. Besides, protection will be better, making aluminum a good choice in structures or finishing processes.

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