There Are Some Risks In Cooking At A Sushi Restaurant Without Sushi Rice Rice Cooker

There Are Some Risks In Cooking At A Sushi Restaurant Without Sushi Rice Rice Cooker

Rice is a very important staple food in Japanese dishes, and sushi is included. Rice becomes even more important in sushi compared to other Japanese dishes, it’s because sushi is a dish that is being served in several small pieces. This brings the risk of customers not being fully satiated when they eat at a sushi restaurant. However, this risk can be negated if you have a high-quality sushi rice rice cooker. You must not ignore the importance of a rice cooker for sushi, there are more risks if you don’t cook your rice at a sushi restaurant with such a rice cooker.

Here are some risks of cooking rice for sushi without a proper sushi rice cooker:

The Bad Texture and Stickiness of Rice

The texture is one of the major factors that decide whether customers can enjoy your sushi or not. When they cannot feel the delicate difference between the texture of your rice and side dishes, then the risk of them not enjoying their meal properly will increase. Furthermore, having the rice falls off the sushi pieces in front of your customers is extremely embarrassing for any sushi chef. However, with a good sushi rice cooker, the texture and stickiness of the rice can be improved. That’s why a proper sushi rice cooker is extremely important.

The Rice Cooking Time Becomes Slower

During busy hours, you need to serve more rice than usual. This forces you to cook another batch of rice each time the rice runs out. Unfortunately, without a proper digital sushi rice cooker, the cooking time can take a long time, and this might force your busy customers to leave the restaurant with grumbling bellies. To avoid this disaster, you should use a high-quality digital sushi rice cooker to reduce the rice cooking time.

The Rice Tastes Plain With No Aroma

Having unappetizing rice might make your customers don’t want to eat the rice itself. Making them separating rice from side dishes. This can be prevented by cooking excellent Japanese rice with the best sushi rice cooker.

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