These Herbs Are Beneficial And Recommended For Gardening

These Herbs Are Beneficial And Recommended For Gardening

Apart from ornamental plants, herbal medicinal plants have become a trend in the community since the COVID-19 pandemic. The following plants have flowers and leaves that can not only decorate a home with a beautiful Window Herb Garden, but are also rich in benefits, especially for health.

For those of you who want to start planting types of herbal plants, here are the recommendations:

Cat whiskers

It’s well-known that gout can be treated with cat whiskers. Besides that, there are many other benefits that you need to know. Its leaves contain beneficial compounds. Other ingredients contained in it include active substances such as orthosiphon, sinensetin, lipophilic, flavonoids, orthosiphol, and rosmarinic acid. Its benefits are treating diseases related to the kidney, curing diabetes, hypertension, and gout.


Apart from beautifying the house, sunflowers also have health benefits. The part of sunflower that is rich in benefits is the seeds which we can call watermelon, as well as the oil. Sunflower seeds and oil contain lots of vitamins, magnesium, calcium, to potassium and are rich in omega 6. Sunflower seeds are useful for maintaining healthy skin, preventing diabetes, helping to fight osteoporosis and muscle cramps. While the oil is useful as an anti-inflammatory and for diet.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera is very popular and often found, maybe even already in your home page. Based on several studies, aloe vera is proven to treat burns, relieve indigestion, reduce dental plaque, treat thrush and acne, reduce premature aging, potentially fight breast cancer, and fight hair loss.

Celery leaves

Celery leaves are widely used as a complement to cooking because they have a strong and delicious aroma. Behind that, celery leaves have a high enough antioxidant content which functions to reduce damage to body cells. The benefits of celery leaves include lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer, improving digestion, relieving menstrual pain, and even repelling mosquitoes.

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