These Web Design Trends Will Be Popular In 2021

These Web Design Trends Will Be Popular In 2021

Photos or pictures are a powerful means of visual communication because they can describe thousands of words (the message to be conveyed). Meanwhile, illustration is defined as something unique and interesting. Now by combining photos with an attractive illustration design, it means that you convey a message on the website in a unique way and attract the attention of website visitors. To produce a unique and interesting mix, you must match the illustration style with the image you are using. Apart from that, if you also want to buy flex themes for your online store, perhaps you can use the outofthesandbox promo code.

Apart from photos or images, white space is a distance that separates an element from other elements. Adding white space helps website users understand the content of the website. Besides, it makes your website look tidier and more minimalist. The color doesn’t have to be white, as long as the space is free from any content. The most familiar example of using white space is Google. The Google homepage is full of spaces so you can focus on the search field.

Then, make your website or online shop expressive. The point is a design that expresses various styles freely but has meaning. For example, images that are displayed are rarely found on other websites, as well as asymmetrical fonts, colors, and layouts. This is one way to make your website more prominent and unique than other people’s website designs. This trend has also begun to be recognized by the public, in 2020 it is estimated that it will also become the latest website design trend.

Finally, the use of video backgrounds has become a trend in the previous year. And this year, this trend will continue to be used by website designers. Because by applying a concept like this the appearance of the website will be more dynamic and certainly not bored to be seen by users.

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