This Is How Athletes Maintain Their Bows

This Is How Athletes Maintain Their Bows

Caring for the bow is a must. Without a bow, archery cannot be done. To care for the bow properly, we are going to share with you some ways to take care of your bows the way the athletes do. In the meantime, before we proceed, if you also use crossbows, we recommend you check out some of the best crossbow replacement strings.

Here are some of their ways to take care of their bows that you can try:


Your bow when it is fabricated is glued with hand-selected materials. Then it is dried in an oven at about 180 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours. This process is designed to ensure your bow will maintain its integrity in warm conditions. Damage, however, can occur to the arc when left in an enclosed vehicle, or to direct sunlight during extremely hot ambient temperatures.


Your bow has received several finishes such as Biovarnish products that will protect your bow under extreme wet conditions. Your bow may receive a scratch, which removes the tip.

Scratches on the fiberglass will not injure the arc. Scratches on the edges of the bow limbs and limbs, which remove the bottom until the wood is bare, should be treated. To prevent moisture from penetrating the laminate, treat the affected wood by applying Crossbond glue to the scratch so that it seals off any wood damage.

The best way to apply Crossbond glue is to put a small amount on a cotton swab and wipe the scratch, this will keep the glue from soaking the entire bow. If you want your bow to have a glossy finish then use Biovarnish Clear Coat gloss, otherwise, you can use Biovarnish Clear Coat matte.


Use a stringer when bracing and releasing your bow. Balancing the bow in any other way than this can be dangerous for both the archer and the bow. For bowstrings that have been treated with Biopolish Beeswax, it is highly recommended.

The bowstring will stay supple if you polish it with Biopolish Beeswax once a week. This will also preserve the durability of your bowstring. It’s important to check the bowstring before you start archery. The rope loop will receive most of the wear.

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