This Is How To Protect Yourself From Criminals On The Road

This Is How To Protect Yourself From Criminals On The Road

Day by day, crime and criminal acts are increasingly prevalent. Especially on the streets, where criminals roam looking for victims. Whether in the form of pickpocketing, mugging, fraud, or sexual harassment, many crimes occur on the streets, and we can become victims. On the other hand, sometimes a criminal might accuse us when they desperate. You might want to hire Gary Rohlwing criminal lawyer if you’re wrongly arrested when a criminal case happens to you.

Well, here are some practical tips that you can practice to avoid crime on the road. These tips are especially useful for those of you who often travel on foot or take public transportation. Check it out.

Always be aware of your surroundings

This is the most basic way you should practice to avoid evil. You will not be able to escape if you are not alert or even unconscious. When taking public transportation, for example, try not to fall asleep because it can increase your risk of becoming a victim of crime, especially at night. Don’t be too fixated on the gadget screen until you don’t realize who or what is around you.

Don’t go alone if possible

If you want to go somewhere far away or you’ve never been, don’t go alone as much as possible. People who are alone have a greater risk of becoming a victim, especially if you seem confused looking for the address you want to go to. You can immediately become a target for scammers or other bad people.

It’s more important if you’re a girl and wants to go out at night, it’s wise to ask someone to accompany you. And as much as possible, ask a guy, whether it’s a friend, partner, or family. A criminal may still dare to do evil to two women, but generally, they will avoid potential victims who are accompanied by men.

Look for a route that is bright and crowded

When walking, try to choose a street that is bright and crowded. Especially at night. Don’t feel lost if you have to turn far enough to find a bright path. Being a little tired is a lot better than having to deal with bad people without being able to ask anyone for help, right?

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