This Is The Solunar Theory For Finding The Right Fishing Time At The Sea

This Is The Solunar Theory For Finding The Right Fishing Time At The Sea

Choosing the right time for fishing at sea is very influential with the results of the catch that we will get. There are some times to avoid and the right time to fish at sea. The solunar theory refers to how the situation, situation and the latest conditions of the place we will go later. Can be seen with the naked eye and can be checked also on the Solunar calendar, please check this Google Solunar calendar. However, basically there are 3 periods in this theory. Meanwhile, if you wish to know the right rod for trout fishing, we suggest you learn more about those rods.

Major period and minor period

The major period is the exact time the moon is in the head (moon up) and the minor period is the time when the moon is positioned on our feet (moon down). The time period of the major period is about 2 hours starting from the month directly above the head. And for a minor period exactly 1 hour starts after the moon rises or sets. For more details, please check the lunar calendar site.

Sunrise and sunset

Conditions where the sun begins to rise and set, the biological activity of fish will increase. For the duration of this period, we also cannot be sure. But the sunrise and sunset times are not as good as the 2 times above. But it will be very good when the moon is in the position of major periods and minor periods coincide with sunset and sunrise, it is a potential time for sea fishing. Because the intensity and activity of fish are getting higher.

Moon phase

The third time reference is when the full moon alias full moon and new moon. At this time the activity of fish in the sea increased dramatically. So it is very good for fishing.

With the three parameters above, we can see for ourselves with the naked eye or can check via the internet through the lunar calendar site, then it can be used as a moment to be ready fishing in the sea.

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