This Is The Understanding Of Floor Plans And Their Functions

This Is The Understanding Of Floor Plans And Their Functions

Like maps, floor plans are basically plans that made to be able to facilitate users in tracking a location. If the map has a wider area, then the plan only covers the area of a building. You might check out ki residence floor plans if you want to see an example of great floor plans.

The floor plan has several functions such as:

Space function

In this case, the floor plan serves to indicate the position of each room in a building. By using a floor plan, one can easily find out the location of a room in a building. That’s why before you decide to buy a condo unit, we recommend you to check out ki residence floor plans.

Arrangement of space

The second function of the floor plan is the arrangement of space. Almost the same as the first function, the function of the arrangement of space in the floor plan means to function to show the arrangement of rooms in the building. By looking at the floor plan, the resident can easily find out where the layout of the room is in a building.

Space circulation

The third function is the circulation of space associated with the flow in and out of a room. Understanding the floor plan based on this function is in the form of a picture that can facilitate users in mobility in a building or residence. Floor plan users will easily find the fastest way to get to a room in a particular building.

Dimension of space

The space dimension function means that the floor plan is useful for showing the dimensions of the size of each room in a building or building. By utilizing this function, floor plan users will more easily find out the size of each room in a building. Additionally, if you want to buy a condo unit with a fairly wide space, we recommend you to buy the ki residence condo unit.

Door location and opening

This function is useful to make it easier for the floor plan user to know the location of the door and various other vents. this will be very useful when various disasters such as a fire in a building occur, so the resident can find a way out of the property quickly.

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