This Is The Working Principle Of TASIN TS-102AL Meat Grinding Machine

This Is The Working Principle Of TASIN TS-102AL Meat Grinding Machine

A meat grinder is a machine that functions to pulverize meat to crush it and change its shape to become smooth. You don’t need to chop the meat anymore using a knife, which takes your own time and effort. When using this meat grinder, ordinary users will look like professional users, because the operation is very easy. The working principle of this machine is to grind your meat until smooth and soft in a very fast time. You only need to cut the meat first at least 5cm in size, then you just have to put it in the reservoir and the ground meat you want is ready to be processed further to become delicious and delicious processed dishes. On the other hand, before we continue, if you have a damaged meat grinder in your store, perhaps you need to find some of the best meat grinder repair parts from a trusted spare part online store.

This meat grinding machine is made of stronger stainless steel with a sturdy contour so that it is not easy to contour which is more sturdy and durable. Affordable prices, low electrical power, and also very easy machine operation, as well as two-way drive, bonuses to print sausages, 4 moldings, and also 4 types of blades make this machine very popular with entrepreneurs involved in the meat processing business.

Here’s how to use and operate the TS-102AL Tasin Meat Grinder:

– Before using this machine, first, clean the machine by removing the molding funnel by loosening the locking bolts on the right and left side of the funnel.
– After the molding funnel is removed, remove the funnel cover to remove the molding spiral or and the knife, wash thoroughly and dry before replacing it. For trays or trays that are on top of the machine, just clean it with a clean cloth (try to keep the engine/dynamo part from getting wet)
– To attach the knife, position the sharp edge towards the front of the molding and the funnel cover (make sure the funnel cover is properly attached and tight.
– After everything is okay, you can first test the engine and then turn it on.
– The machine is ready to operate.

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