Tips For Choosing An Apartment Floor That Suits Your Needs

Tips For Choosing An Apartment Floor That Suits Your Needs

Are you planning to buy an apartment in Lentor Modern? Don’t forget this urgent matter. You must determine the position or location of your apartment later. Because of this vertical dwelling, the position or position facing it has a much different value and influence when you live there.

The following are some things that can be used as a reference in choosing the position of an apartment unit from One North Eden.

1. The position of the apartment floor
The apartments are indeed made so high that residents can enjoy beautiful views and panoramas. And most people choose apartments on the upper floors in the hope that they have a great view. It is true, the upper floors also provide good views both day and night.

The second advantage is that the upstairs noise level will be lower. This is due to the distance between the residence and the street which is the main source of noise in the capital. Another plus, the upper floors are relatively safer from thieves, although this is not a guarantee.

However, this does not mean that high floors are without flaws. There are several drawbacks if you choose an apartment top floor, one of which is the difficulty in bringing furniture.

2. Scenery
The view factor from the apartment unit turns out to be able to provide a significant difference in apartment unit prices. Indeed, apartment units on higher floors usually have higher prices because they offer more beautiful views.

Even so, information from several parties says that the best prices for apartments are on the middle floor. Apart from the good views, not too far out access creates just the right combination of aesthetics and accessibility.

3. Choose the direction facing
If you do need sunlight then make sure your unit is not facing the wrong direction. Which floor matters can become second nature. Even so, try not to be on the ground floor because the sunlight might be blocked by other, higher buildings.

4. Noise from Outside and Inside
Staying in a top floor unit means you are more protected from the noise of the highway. If our apartment is in a traffic-prone location, of course, the upper floors offer extra comfort compared to the lower floors. If keeping out of the noise is your goal, then the top floor is a great choice. The reason is, in addition to avoiding road-noise, you also don’t have to worry about upstairs noise.

So, those are some of the things that should be considered by you in choosing the floor of the one north eden showflat apartment. By choosing the right location, you will also get comfort and tranquility expected. However, remain alert to various possibilities such as emergencies and possible crimes.

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