Tips For Performing Maintenance On Fiber Optic Cables

Tips For Performing Maintenance On Fiber Optic Cables

Talking about how to care for fiber optic cables, it’s not as difficult as we think. In this case what you need to use is isopropyl alcohol, which you can use using a clean cotton swab to clean the surface finish and ferrule. After the scrub is wet, you can wipe the wet finish with a dry cloth, or blow it with filtered, non-residue compressed air. After that, you just need to allow the liquid to dry in the air, which will leave the dissolved oil in small puddles that will interfere with proper physical contact. Then when reinserting the cable into the connector, insert it carefully, doing it as straight as possible. If in this case, you find there is a damaged cable, then repair it immediately. But if you think it is a difficult thing, then for the easy way, you can directly ask for help from network cabling installation.

Doing cleaning on the cable is an important thing to do. Even if the performance looks bad, you can do a cleanup again. Often the second cleanup will restore proper performance where the first does not. The idea is that the first step is to gently remove the grit and oil using alcohol as a solvent. Remove the solvent by blowing it or you can also use a dry, soft cloth. Then if there is still a layer of layered material as can happen if the beryllium-copper side of the retainer ferrule is scratched and deposited on the surface finish during cabling, a second cleaning will be more difficult which is to do it by scrubbing.

But if you think that when rubbed first, the sand can get caught in the cotton and become a gouging element. So don’t let the fiber optic cable be damaged due to poor cleaning.

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