Tips For Reading Technical Analysis On Stock And Crypto Trading

Tips For Reading Technical Analysis On Stock And Crypto Trading

Trading in stock trading with crypto is the same. What makes the difference is the ‘bought/sold’ element and the trading time. However, when we want to use technical analysis or observe a chart on the market, we will know if it is not too different. If you follow how do u make money online from home, you will probably find out that crypto trading knows no time and is always active 24/7. For that, use the best technical analysis in stock and crypto trading.

Recognizing the Current Trend on the Chart
Of course, to find out where the trend is going, a trader should open a chart. From the chart, it can be seen where the trend is leading. Traders can study the short, medium and low term trends to be able to confidently follow and take advantage of which trend.

If the trader has studied the various trends, of course, he can determine which trend to follow. Traders can choose whichever trend is up to what will be taken.
By recognizing this trend, traders can then determine the best strategy to take, such as taking positions or transactions in the same direction as the trend. Of course, traders can take a stance when the trend is up or uptrend and when the trend is down or downtrend.

Usually, an uptrend is used to sell or with a ‘buy’ opportunity (vice versa) while a downtrend is used to buy or look for a ‘sell’ opportunity (vice versa).

Determining Support and Resistance
The next step that traders take is to determine the support and resistance levels. Traders can also look for opportunities to ‘buy’ in the support area or vice versa ‘sell’ in the resistance area. So it can be concluded that traders will look for long positions in the support area when the trend is in an up position.

In addition, several supports and resistance levels can be used as a warning for traders. For example, when the price is not as expected or support breaks even though it was already in a long position, a cut loss action can be taken.

Using Moving Averages
There is an indicator called the Moving Average (MA) which is also used by traders to be able to identify the ongoing trend. Traders may find it difficult to draw a trendline. The movement of the MA itself will help traders to be able to identify the trend.

In short, if a trader sees the MA moving down or down, while the price is also moving below the MA, it can be said that the current trend is a downtrend. Vice versa.

MA itself can have a function as support and also resistance. For example, if the MA is above the price movement, then it acts as resistance and vice versa, if it is below the price it acts as support.

Filtering with Oscillator Indicator
The isolator indicator provides an overview of market conditions that lead to overbought or overbought and oversold or oversold conditions. Overbought conditions mean a situation where prices are already high.

Often, overbought is also followed by downward price movements. While oversold means a situation where the price is considered low. Often oversold is also followed by rising prices.

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