Tips to Easily Maintain Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Office

Tips to Easily Maintain Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Office

There are so many offices that use anti-fatigue mats as a substitute format, this is because anti-fatigue mats can provide comfort when walking, especially anti-fatigue mats with thick materials. There are so many types of office anti-fatigue mats that we can find easily, the prices vary greatly. This type of anti-fatigue mat is indeed very important, but unfortunately, many people do not know how important it is to take care of the anti-fatigue mat. If no treatment is carried out, some problems will certainly appear on the anti-fatigue mat, such as colors that are very easy to dull, a nest of germs and diseases, and the anti-fatigue mat will be easily damaged. Well, therefore, this time we will share office maintenance tips. Aside from that, if you need a good replacement mat, we recommend you buy rubber anti-fatigue mats.

The more they need for office anti-fatigue mats for office spaces, then you have to do this type of anti-fatigue mat maintenance properly so that some of the problems with the mat will not appear later. As for how to care for this anti-fatigue mat is as follows:

1. Cleaning the anti-fatigue mat with a vacuum cleaner

Clean the dust on the anti-fatigue mat at least twice a week, this depends on the location of the anti-fatigue mat itself. The more people pass through the room, the anti-fatigue mat cleaning must also be done frequently. anti-fatigue mat cleaning can be done using a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner.

2. Cover the part of the office anti-fatigue mat that is often stepped on

The part of the office anti-fatigue mat such as the front entrance, or the front of the bathroom is the part that is often used. Then you should cover that part with a mat material so that it is not easily dirty or damaged.

3. Removes odors, stains, and mildew

Unlike the case with cleaning dust, how to clean anti-fatigue mats from odors, stains, fungi, and bacteria of course requires special fluids. Some of the most effective solutions for cleaning anti-fatigue mats are water, baking soda, vinegar, and cornstarch.

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