Understanding The Components Of A Fountain Pen

Understanding The Components Of A Fountain Pen

In this digital world, it cannot be denied that pens are still things that cannot be separated from our daily lives. A pen is an object that is used to sweep ink onto paper. In ancient times, the pen-type was used by dipping it in ink and then wiping it onto the paper. However, in modern times, pens have been replaced by pens that have a place to store ink like many of the pens we use today. Like the old pens, now even pens have various types of pen eyes or pen tips called Nibs. One of them is a fountain pen. The material used in fountain pens is generally gold or stainless steel. The color of the nib gold is not necessarily made of gold. Gold-coated nibs have the advantage of being smoother when writing, but the price is indeed much more expensive than stainless steel nibs and gold nib fountain pens will look more luxurious and elegant.

The distinctive feature of this pen is that it has a sharp tip like an arrow and gives a very classic impression. This pen has a refillable ink pocket. Unlike the ballpoint pen, the use of a fountain pen does not require the emphasis when writing. On the other hand, there is also a place called Cartridge on the fountain pen. This is useful for holding ink. In this case, there are several kinds of models, it all depends on what brand of fountain pen you have.

Fountain pen bodies are usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, and wood. Usually, the material used affects the selling price of the fountain pen itself. A fountain pen with an aluminum body is certainly more expensive when compared to plastic because it is more durable. Besides, several home manufacturers produce fountain pens from consumer orders, whose bodies are made of carved wood.

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