US And Alex Saab Case

US And Alex Saab Case

Alex Saab was detained upon landing in Cape Verde. Cape Verde is willing to extradite Alex Saab to the US. As reported from Reuters, Alex Saab, who is known to be close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, was detained in Cape Verde in June 2020. He was arrested after his private plane was landing and refueling in the island nation of the former Portuguese colony. Responding to Alex Saab being held and a request for extradition from the US, Saab’s lawyer said that the United States carried out political motives because it was accused of violating US laws. At that time, Saab was flying to Iran to negotiate the delivery of fuel and supplies of materials for humanitarian aid to Venezuela. Earlier, the US Department of the Interior accused the Colombian businessman of helping Maduro in directing the trade agreement. Meanwhile, Washington wants to block Venezuela’s move through the given.

Many argue that Cape Verde is merely doing America’s dirty work and will give a bad reputation to the country. It is the right time for political innovation for America. Public innovation expert Eva Sorensen (2016) explains that there are three arenas in political innovation, namely institutions, processes, and policies. These three things can show the extent of our political innovation and which arenas can be improved. First, institutional innovations have arisen when political parties dared to carry out conventions to determine presidential candidates.

Second, the arena of political process innovation. To be honest, the political arena has a centralized decision-making pattern, even for all issues, the same applies, democracy is still centralized in parties which is not compatible with the logic of decentralization so far. Third, policy innovation, the arena of policy innovation which is the real result of various institutional and process innovation debates. Any regulatory product produced is of course quality with various innovative methods to achieve it, there is no longer a term that the newly issued law turns out to be out of date.

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