Ways to take care of a New Car Warranty

Ways to take care of a New Car Warranty

Having a vehicle like a car is a dream for every family, especially if family members are more than 3 people, need a bigger vehicle, and the car is the first choice. there are many cases in the community, some new car owners complain when the car is in trouble, the car cannot be claimed for warranty, even though clearly the car warranty is still valid, now the writer here is trying to share a little how-to keep our new car warranty. In the meantime, you may also need to take a look at the recommended extended warranties.

1. Make sure you read your new car service book, so you know which parts are in the warranty, so you can take care of and maintain that part of things that void the warranty. Missal engine warranty, you must really know how to take care of it, so as not to cancel the warranty, more complete in the next point.

2. Always make sure the service in the official workshop, do not occasionally service periodically or the maintenance in the garage other than the designated one, usually, some car owners are reluctant to service to the official workshop, they reasoned because the shuttle, the cost is more expensive. Indeed, at a glance what is the reason there is a point, but not entirely true, there are some benefits that we can get if the service in an authorized workshop, in addition to maintaining the warranty of our car, every service has a warranty, either a repaired warranty, or a spare part warranty we buy, and there are many other advantages.

3. Always use genuine spare parts, points 2 and 3 are always related because if the service is officially repaired, chances are that you are protected from non-original spare parts,

4. Use accessories that use electrical power according to the provisions, to avoid undesirable things, you should consult with an official workshop that you normally service, for example, if you install additional audio, you should consult the official workshop mechanic to whether it violates the rules or not, indeed rather complicated, but what else can we do, the rules have been issued by the manufacturer.

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