What Causes Noisy AC?

What Causes Noisy AC?

Each Air Conditioner unit usually uses sound-absorbing technology to maintain the noise level to be under 55 decibels. However, some units may have noise levels still above 55 dB. Since first buying, of course, you are familiar with the sound or noise generated by the air conditioning unit in your home or office, right? Well, if one day you hear an unusual voice of the air conditioning machine, whether it’s an outdoor or indoor unit, make sure you immediately turn off the air conditioner first-then call the englewood ac technician to check it out.

Noisy sounds on the AC cannot be ignored! Especially if the sound sounds very noisy. Not only because the sound is annoying, but you also have to consider the possibility of more severe damage if the air conditioning system continues to be turned on and forced to work. Without checking the condenser machine, often we can’t know for sure what causes AC to be noisy. Moreover, if we are not experts. However, some general sounds are often heard from the Air Conditioner unit, which can be identified to think about the part of the problem? At least, there are 2 most common problems found with noisy air conditioning, including:

– AC sounds, squeaking or dragging
– Sound like a colliding object

The cause of the AC issues squeaking or squeaking
When AC is turned on, soon you will hear a squeaky sound that comes from metal, which will not stop until the air conditioner is turned off. The cause of this noisy AC can be caused by a fan bearing that has begun to be damaged so it needs to be replaced with a new AC fan motor.

Sounded sound like a metal collision. At least, there are two causes why the AC issues a collision sound. The first is due to the damage to the spring supporting the refrigerant pump and the second can be caused by the problem with the compressor fan. If you hear outdoor units make a loud noise when turned off or when it is living, it can be caused by an internal compressor spring having begun to lose its ability. In the AC compressor, the part that pumps the refrigerant, there is a pump installed on the supporting spring. If the spring is damaged, the automatic pump is not covered.

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