What Is A Planet?

What Is A Planet?

A planet is a celestial body that surrounds or orbits a star with a certain speed and trajectory. In knowing a planet, you must know in advance what is meant by Revolution, When Revolution, and Rotation. Planets are said to be revolutionary when planets circle the full sun in one turn, while planets can be said to be Kala Revolutions when planets circle the sun for the time needed in one revolution. Rotation is the orbit of a planet on its axis, one rotation can be called Sekala Rotasi.

Many ask why planets do not collide even though the number of planets is not small? because a planet has an elliptical virtual path that we know as the Orbit. The planet will remain in its orbital path due to the influence of the sun’s gravitational force. The planet’s orbit will be even longer if the distance of the planet to the sun farther away.

In the solar system, the planet is divided into 2 groups, namely the inner planet and outer planets. Various types of planets in the solar system have special characteristics and characteristics of each. To find out which planets include inner planets and outer planets, let’s look at some of the characteristics of the planet:

1. Characteristics of Planet Inside

– Have a Little Satellite

The first feature is to have a few satellites. You can see some information about the number of satellites on a planet, you will know more clearly which planets are grouped into outer planets and inner planets.

– Has a Solid Surface

Planets that have denser surfaces can be classified into deep planets, you can find information about planetary densities and you can easily group them.

2. Characteristics of Planet Outside

– Have a lot of satellites

As opposed to the inner planetary traits, the outer planets have few satellites and usually, the planet is far enough from the sun.

– Has a Great Ring and Atmosphere

Planets belonging to outer planets will have a ring that surrounds the planet with different thickness.

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